Welcome. This website is a community of professionals thinking critically about the youth transgender movement. We are psychologists, social workers, doctors, medical ethicists, and academics.

There are two principal authors of this site. One is a clinical social worker, the other is a university professor. We are left-leaning, open-minded, and pro-gay rights. However, we are concerned about the current trend to quickly diagnose and affirm young people as transgender, often setting them down a path toward medical transition.

Our concern is with medical transition for children and youth. We feel that unnecessary surgeries and/or hormonal treatments which have not been proven safe in the long-term represent significant risks for young people. Policies that encourage — either directly or indirectly — such medical treatment for young people who may not be able to evaluate the risks and benefits are highly suspect, in our opinion.

Medical transition can involve administering puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to young children. These drugs are being used off-label. The long term side effects are not known, but there is cause for concern. They can certainly result in permanent sterilization of a child who has not even been allowed to go through puberty. In essence, the rush to treat transgender children medically is a massive experiment. For the young person who has never lived as their own sex in their own body, surgical intervention may seem like the next logical step. Young people can undergo such treatment without parental permission once they are eighteen years old. In these surgeries, healthy organs are removed.

We are alarmed by the trend among mental health professionals to affirm a young person’s self diagnosis as transgender with minimal exploration. In many cases, these young people come to identify as trans after binges on social media sites such as tumblr, reddit, or YouTube. There is evidence that social contagion may be at play. In many schools and communities, there are entire peer groups “coming out” as trans at the same time.

For such a self-diagnosed young person, the next stop is often a therapist’s office. In several states, there is now legislation on the books forbidding therapists to engage in conversion therapy. While the sentiment behind this legislation is laudable, in some cases, it is being interpreted to mean that therapists cannot explore gender identity with a youth who is professing to be trans. This would mean we can’t ask why; we can’t explore underlying mental health issues; we can’t consider the symbolic nature of the gender dysphoria; and we can’t look at possible confounding issues such as social media use or social contagion.

It is time that mental health and other professionals begin speaking out on this issue. Please join the conversation here. Comments will be moderated. Respectful disagreement welcomed.


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  1. As a parent struggling to accept my child’s recent declaration and being horrified at how any questioning of this assertion results in accusations of being a bad parent and transphobic, this site is a great comfort. Thank you and look forward to reading more. My child has recently declared he is going to go private as waiting lists for NHS are so long in UK. I am scared to death of where this will go and at what speed. This has only been a thing for a few months for him and came out of a major trauma and depressive episode. Unfortunately at 18 he’s an adult and has his own money.


    1. Your son would need to live and present as a woman for 2 years before getting hormones. A year or so after this, he could go for gender reassignment (in a place like this http://www.genderreassignmentuk.com/).

      I really feel for you. It is a very difficult thing to go through, and every ‘specialist’ you talk to will tell you that you are the one with the problem. Don’t listen to them. Your instincts are right.

      Do everything in your power to turn him around. Does your son live at home? Remove the Internet from the house.. Go through your sons internet history, look for any online accounts to see what he has been posting, paying close attention to tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. What has he been posting – who are his “friends”.

      Trans are very friendly to newcomers and this can be a big comfort to someone with low self esteem.

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  2. “This website is a community of professionals…”

    Is there someplace where your credentials can be verified? Also, without citation, how is the public to know if this information is true or presented in an unbiased manner?


  3. Hi Jojo Dancer. Given the current climate, it doesn’t feel safe to speak on this issue using names at this time. I can say that I am a psychotherapist with 20 years experience. Other professionals in different disciplines will be contributing here soon. As for citations, I do link to articles that back up things that I have said where research is involved. Much of what I share is my opinion. I think my assertion that it is best to be cautious about sending young people down the road to surgery and hormones needs no attribution. It is common sense.

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    1. On the Internet, many people can say they are psychotherapists with 20 years experience. It’s a shame that the current climate prevents you from being honest with your readers about your experience. It would go a long way to promote credibility.

      I’m afraid that in a world populated by scammers and trolls, it only takes a single inference of impropriety to allow the unconvinced to completely ignore what’s presented.

      It will make it hard for you to do more than preach to the choir. I wish you the best.


      1. Feel free to keep reading here. There will always be links, citations, and articles. And I hope one day we can speak out with names. I will say that this blog will bring me no personal gain. Only risk and work. I am doing it because I am interested in preventing unnecessary medical treatments for young people.

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      2. JoJo Dancer, please familiarize yourself with the shocking attacks that people, professional and otherwise, who question the trans narrative have suffered from transgender people and their supporters. You will come to understand that careers have been threatened. And worse.

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  4. Thank you for speaking out. It is sad that in this day and age rational thought has to be administered anonymously. We are living in an age where science is doubted in favour of personal bias.

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  5. I’m a concerned parent scared for my daughter who has got caught up with the trans activists on the internet after being told by a national child helpline that if she hates her boobs she should look up body dysphoria. I thought adults were supposed to protect children. Thank you for voicing your concerns, I hope more join you to speak out so an honest debate can be had.


    1. Hi Mum Who Cares. Were you ever able to get help for you girl? Studies show that hatred of the body is a completely normal (alebit sad) fact for most girls going through puberty and adolescence. Much of this comes from a variety of places: 1. increased unwanted sexual attention, 2. media constantly making girls feel physically inadequate 3. the feeling that she’s losing her autonomy due to unwanted attention. I would hate for her counselor to NOT explore these important topics. Also a history of abuse is often linked with body dysmorphia in young girls.


  6. I’m a concerned parent scared for my daughter who has got caught up with the trans activists on the internet after being told by a national child helpline that if she hates her boobs she should look up body dysphoria. I thought adults were supposed to protect children. Thank you for voicing your concerns, I hope more join you to speak out so that an honest debate can be had.


  7. Without credential, this website is very suspicious in nature. If you make assertions and offer what you say is professional opinions, you had better identify yourselves and what education and experience you have to do so. Otherwise you just anonymous posters spreading what I see as misinformation and dangerous ideas.


    1. I think the calls to identify the blogger are suspicious in nature. Would it validate the article or endanger the blogger? Would you be happy to post your name and address when making such requests? I’m sure you are well aware of the great efforts “trans activists” make to silence their critics, including no-platforming, applying pressure on the employer to terminate the persons employment (death / rape threats aside).

      The article is well written, and I for one am happy to take it at face value. Calls for the blogger to expose their identity are just a side-show. Keep your identity a close secret and never give into these requests. Keep blogging!!

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  8. Thank you for this blog. I was a tomboy child in the 1970s, and am a tomboy lesbian today. Growing up, I had the book “Free to be You & Me,” and my best friend had the record. We transcended patriarchal sex roles which, imo, transgenderism reinforces. I’m worried that today’s gender nonconforming and potentially gay children are being sterilized. All for a lie — it’s impossible to change biological sex. Straight men will not romantically pursue transwomen, and straight women will not romantically pursue transmen. There is such thing as a risk-free surgery — per the late Joan Rivers. And hormone blockers delay the development of children’s brains. And the chemicals required to appear to be the opposite sex costs thousands of dollars a month…forever. This is crazy. We should instead just let children play with whatever toys they wish, and not burden them with esoteric, academic and nazel-gaving definitions of gender identity. I could have very well have been transitioned. Nothing against men, but I am no way, shape or form male. This seems like gay conversion therapy to me…rooted in homophobia.

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  9. “Do everything in your power to turn him around. Does your son live at home? Remove the Internet from the house.. Go through your sons internet history, look for any online accounts to see what he has been posting, paying close attention to tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. What has he been posting – who are his “friends”.

    This is the language of the Christian right. It’s absurd to claim you must be anonymous because people might be mean to you.


    1. Snorri, this was posted by a visitor to the site, not the site’s owners. Therefore, I can’t address it your comment except in a general way. I will just say that many parents feel that monitoring a child’s activity online is important, not just Christian right parents.

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  10. I’m the original poster that prompted that response. I can assure you as a confirmed atheist of 30+ years and a staunch left wing voter I am neither Christian or Right wing. I am however a deeply concerned parent who is increasingly horrified at what is being pushed at our children from mainstream and online media. My child is over 18 and has an appointment with a private UK gender clinic. They have recently changed their prescribing protocols to help shorten waiting lists. So now, some clients can be prescribed life and body changing hormones after just one 1 hour appointment! I find both this policy, and the motivation behind it, astonishing. And I have no influence. No interview with the parent who has brought him up for 20 years is necessary. And there are 100’s of sites listing the questions clients are asked – and their corresponding model answers. In a word I am terrified by what is going to happen. #gendercare

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  11. I am not “Christian right”. I have always considered myself to be liberal minded (although on this issue I seem to agree with the right). I have always been happy to live and let live. I feel very sorry for anyone caught up in the trans movement, but cannot swallow the the narrative.

    I am someone who has been witness to a young vulnerable person’s transition and embrace of the transgender movement. I watched this rip a person completely apart whom I was very much in love with. I listened to all the stories about visits to the gender “therapist”. How they wouldn’t tell the mother what was going on. The mother and son would have separate sessions, then a session together where they would use the female name and pronouns in front of the mother.

    Time is a critical factor if anything is to be done to prevent this irreversible procedure (which is very dangerous and can introduce long term pain for the victim).

    Don’t listen to anyone who says there is nothing you can do. He is your son and you are the only one who loves him in all this. The gender clinic is a business. So is the reassignment center. They don’t give a shit about the long term outcome.

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  12. I am looking for advice on finding a therapist for my daughter. How do I find one who will do actual therapy and not just agree with her self-diagnosis? Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


    1. Hi WorriedMom. I am a licensed therapist in Texas who works with middle- and high-school aged children. I have been researching this topic for a few years and I’m convinced therapists are not taking the time to explore important issues with their young clients before recommending transition. I am beginning an online counseling service so I can reach more students and will have the site up soon. I am one of few practitioners who are rejecting the gender identity model and exploring other issues with kids, such as their beliefs about gender, past trauma that may be causing dysphoria, and other social factors which make them vulnerable to the trans ideology. If you are still interested in seeking help for your daughter, please let me know and I can also keep you updated about when I will begin taking online clients in Texas, the UK, and Australia.


  13. Thank you! Finding this site has brought me tears of relief.

    My 18-year-old daughter, who has a long history of mood disorder, self-harm and substance abuse has also decided she is transgender, which she is convinced is the solution to all of her problems. She has managed to surround herself with “helpful” relatives who have cut her off from her own mother and father because we question her motives and are skeptical of the transgender narrative. They will tell us nothing about her care or treatment. We are worried sick.

    Please, please, please don’t let yourselves be intimidated by trans-activist radicals. Your voices of reason must be heard.


  14. I am a radical heterosexual feminist and father of a brilliant, yet confused 17 year old daughter all caught up in this movement as she wants to be a boy. So trendy and fashionable. Youtube is the new Moonies if you ask me and brainwasher extrodinaire. Medical professionals – look at the cause before prescribing treatments.


  15. Thank goodness for this website. If it wasn’t for this site and two others, Transgender Trend/4th Wave Now I would be at rock bottom. Last July (2016) my 13 year old daughter told me she wanted to be a boy (having seen a transgender mtf on TV). After googling I’m 200% convinced social media has influenced her. We have had to take all search engines off her phone and Instagram. ( I can’t begin to tell you what we found). The last 7 months have been absolute hell for us and our family. Really I am so grateful to read all these comments as I know I am not alone. We are based in West London and I have spent the last few months trying to find a gender critical therapist to no avail. We are currently with CAMHS but they are not really of any help. If anyone knows of a therapist in the London area it would me most helpful.


    1. So sorry to hear what you are going through.
      Have you looked at Lily Maynard’s piece at 4th wave now ? https://4thwavenow.com/2016/12/17/a-mums-voyage-through-transtopia-helps-her-daughter-desist/

      Her daughter said she wanted to transition at 14 and she managed to work with her to see that she could be happy with her body and her daughter is now happy to be a girl again.
      Hopefully she can give you some good advice.
      I really hope this destructive fad gets exposed for what it is soon. I can’t believe how uncritical the NHS & the law is being about young people being brainwashed.


  16. My 16 year old daughter told me she wanted to be a boy and to have top surgegy. I’m so devastated. I’m struggling to convince her that she is not a boy and I am strongly against getting rid of her healthy body parts. We live in Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex. If anyone knows of a therapist/ psychologist in this area who can help my daughter to align her gender identity with her physical sex please let me know.


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