Children and Gender Roles

This post comes from Rene Jax, author. Her book “Don’t Get on the Plane” can be purchased at Barnes and Noble.

“Children are like sponges.” As their bodies and minds grow, every day brings new stimulus, situations, emotions, and physical abilities. And whilst their bodies are growing at an exponential rate, their minds are too. And as their mind’s capacity for understanding increases, they become more socially aware and responsive.

Today, the typical Western family is under tremendous financial, political and social stresses that in turn, makes its way into the upbringing of our children. Parents arguably have less influence over children than in the past, while social media, pop music culture and movies are more influential than ever. It is out of this growing technological and social change that the new fad of gender confusion en masse has sprung. Aspects of our culture are encouraging children to become confused about gender.

I was one of those children. I was a male, born into a family in crisis. My father was a drunk who left us when I was six years old. My mother was mentally ill. By the age of ten, I thought myself to be a girl trapped in a boy’s body. I was cross dressing by the time I was twelve. I began living as a woman full-time when I was eighteen, and had a sex change at thirty-five. Yet as I lay on Dr. Stanley Biber’s surgical table in Trinidad, Colorado, I never knew what was the cause of my confusion. None of the six doctors I had previously gone to before the surgery had a clue as to the cause.  Doctor’s still don’t. Transsexualism, and gender dysphoria have been studied for a half century. But there has not been any hard- scientifically based research project into the cause of this condition. NOT ONE!

In Dr. Robert J. Stoller’s introduction to his 1974 book on transsexualism, “The Transsexual Experiment” he glibly writes: “As a psychiatric illness, transsexualism is insignificant in that the pressures for understanding and cure are minimal – except from the patients. Happily for researchers, it is more important theoretically, than in its impingement upon society. Those who are transsexual are neither infections nor otherwise dangerous; they do not inflict bodily or psychological harm on others.”

This very attitude exists within parts of the medical community today. Yet, there are dangerous medical and social activists who are promoting and supporting children’s social role confusion as a medical diagnosis and niche industry. They do this to prop up their own social agendas, while at the same time, damning the children they force onto puberty blockers and sex changes to a life of being social pariahs.

Let’s start by dropping these antiquated and dangerous labels. We do this by understanding that when Dr. Harry Benjamin coined the word, Gender, it was an attempt to describe social role variances that he saw in his cross sex identity confused patients. Gender was simply meant as a category, not a thing. Since Benjamin, Gender has become a factual part of identity, and as such is now promoted as being fluid. Let’s stop all of this insanity! First off, “Gender” is a concept that has never been proven to be a real, physical reality. So, drop it and never use it again to describe a person’s social role. The same goes for “Transsexuality” This is another concept used as a label for cross sex identity confusion, but carries with it medical certainty that does not exist.

Humans are born with one of two sexes. PERIOD. The survival of our race is fully, 100% dependent upon males wanting to mate with females and vice-versa.  We know this has been the case for over a million years. If our understanding of our selves/social roles were at all fluid, (as promoted by the LGBT medical activists) then we as a species would never have survived for more than a generation or two. But it is! Knowing that as a male, I am driven to mate with a female… is built into our DNA. Our families and our societies are all built on this biological drive. Variances are so rare as to only represent about 1% of the total population.

Humans have a sex. And our sex determines our hormones, our family and social roles, and our sexual appetites. It determines our propensity towards activities and physical and emotional reactions to stimulus.   Any confusion, or desire and or feelings of being “trapped” in the wrong body are a variance of not of our DNA but of the world the child is born into.  When our children express feelings that they are not the same as their body’s sex, the first-place parents need to look for answers is not in a pill bottle for puberty blockers. They need to closely examine their parenting, their own marriage dynamics and how what the children are being taught about their role in the family and larger family structures. They must be honest about how they as parents, and their other siblings are interacting with the confused child. Remember… “Children are sponges”?

Care should be taken when choosing a therapist. There is an old expression, a baker only sees other bake shops on the street, and a banker only sees other banks. If you go to a “gender” doctor, they only have one tool on their belt, and your child will soon end up on puberty blockers.

The few studies on this issue indicate that the majority (95%) of children who show cross sex identity confusion early in life, grow out of it. The odds are in the child’s, and in the family’s favor that it will all work out fine without medical intervention. Seeing a good pediatrician will just give you another bit of information to aid in making decisions.

After dealing with cross sex identity confusion for over fifty years, I am now convinced that taking hormones, living in the opposite sex role, plastic surgery and sex changes are not the way to go. Letting our children live in the opposite sex role is emotionally damaging and only causes more difficulty and social confusion for the child. Cross sex living is not and never will be a viable lifestyle.

You can read my book on this, “DON’T GET ON THE PLANE” which details the history, the doctors and the medical malpractice behind this condition. Sold on Amazon under Rene Jax.

4 thoughts on “Children and Gender Roles

  1. Thank you. I really appreciated your perspective here. I am one of those rare individuals who did not grow out of my dysphoria. I tried to accept my birth-sex, I really did. I did end up choosing medical transition as an adult. I do not regret my personal choice, but I was smart enough to know that it wouldn’t necessarily fix me. My biggest concern is children. I too have been trumpeting loudly that children are not cognitively mature enough to make a life altering decision like this. I have been pleasantly surprised to find other like minded folks. Transition is in vouge right now, and I don’t think enough people realize this isn’t the same as rebelling by dying one’s hair blue.
    Thank you again for your thoughts.


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    1. Todd, thanks for your comments. I too am worried about the transsexual vogue right now. Last year alone, 3500 people had sex changes in the US, while Dr. Biber only performed 4000 in his 30 year career as a surgeon. Yet, most of the medical profession is firmly behind this trend, and doesn’t speak up against the growing tide of TS ideology followers. OMG this is a travesty of unparalleled proportions. Yet people like Dr. Paul McHugh and Dr. Michelle Cretella are called out as racists and hate groups for opposing it. I stand firmly against this insanity, and know that I can only help people who want to be helped with their confusion. I can’t save those who are running toward the flames.

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  2. This is a great article and this is extremely well written. I think that this is an issue, which I as a straight male will never fully be able to understand. What I do understand in this modern world is that there is a what some could call gender “boxes”, were checking one box means that you are accepting all of the ideologies that are associated with the said box. I would love to get your opinion on this idea, more importantly, I would love to hear what you think about exaggerated gender roles. I have done studies on exaggerated masculinity in society and its increase in homicide and suicide. What I would really love to hear about is if you felt like there was a pressure to conform to these ideologies when transiting.


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