Gender Activism in Schools

UPDATE: This piece has been expanded upon at Please visit there for more parent stories on this topic.

The following post comes from Emily. As you read Emily’s account, please keep in mind that the children supported in transitioning by the activism at Emily’s school are going down a path that may well lead to becoming a life-long medical patient, taking off-label hormones, and amputating healthy tissue.

Emily is happy to make connections with other people who might be interested in this issue. If you would like to reach her, please use the contact form on this blog. 

Transgender ideology landed at my doorstep, or more correctly, the doorstep of my children’s school, for the first time last year. 2015 was the year transgender culture went mainstream and took its goals of divorcing sex from gender to the American public at large. The media, private businesses, the military, and public schools have all been swept up into the furor of who gets to use what bathroom. Honestly, I paid little attention to this movement and had no idea that it would move so powerfully or so quickly into my family’s life.

The school my children attended for 13 years was hit on all fronts – the bathroom issue was a part of the end goals, but the true intent of the efforts was to normalize the idea of “brain sex” and to acclimatize parents and teachers to children choosing their “gender.”
Last fall, a kindergartner’s parents came to the school demanding special accommodations for their “gender non-conforming” son, who now identifies as a transgender girl. Before school had even started, the family gave a presentation to administrators depicting their son’s progression into gender non-conformity. Over the course of the school year, the family used a playbook that seems to have been written by the gender activists for use in schools everywhere.

A bit of background on the school: It’s a public charter school with a strong emphasis on parental involvement and a careful, if not tedious approach to reviewing the materials used in the classroom. For example, curricula and books used in classrooms are approved by committees that always include parents as members. Our School Board has a majority of parents and the school adheres to the belief that parents are the primary educators. The idea is to make the school a more democratic, parent-led environment, which, best case scenario, means more trust between the school and the families.

So imagine my surprise when I received a communication from the grade school principal stating that there was a gender non-conforming (had to Google that) student in the school and that the kindergarten through fifth graders would be read a book called, “My Princess Boy” to create a more welcoming environment. This book’s premise is essentially an attempt to erase sex stereotypes (though the fact that the boy likes to dress as a princess is nauseatingly ironic), but in our school it was a Trojan horse meant to create sympathy for an activist agenda that was soon to come and to circumvent the process of curriculum review. Parents were only given a few days notice of this book’s reading. It can take a year to get a book approved for classroom use and our school can be so particular that they sometimes write their own books! I had never heard of someone getting material approved so quickly at our school.

In response to questions from parents, the administration claimed that they had to do everything they could to prevent bullying and that the gender non-conforming student had already been bullied by his peers. The school already had a bullying prohibition policy that was comprehensive and would have been sufficient to prevent or make corrections for bullying for any reason. But the claim was that this was an situation bordering on an emergency and something had to be done fast.

With the intention of calming the community, a “listening session” was held at the school for parents to air their opinions on the school addressing the issue of transgenderism in the classroom. The community was sharply divided and tears were shed. Many a parent stated that there was no way to help the transgender student and no way to stop the bullying without fully acknowledging and teaching transgenderism as a reality to all the students. It was made clear through the comments made that if you believed this issue was best left out of the classroom, you were bigoted.

Board meetings throughout the year displayed similar drama. Our usually poorly-attended board meetings were now packed. Outside trans activist groups would regularly attend and invite transgender teenagers get up to speak about their struggles with depression and suicide attempts. At one meeting, the school’s lawyer asked the Board chair to end public comment because it was creating a “hostile environment” after a parent reminded the board of their duty to respect students’ First Amendment right to express disagreement with gender ideology. Our letters to the board were even heavily redacted – sometimes removing more than half of the letter – before being published in the public board packets. Apparently stating disagreement is the same thing as making threats. At this point, those of us who opposed gender ideology agreed that the school was indeed an intolerant and unwelcoming environment – but only towards us.

The school paid for a psychologist to make a presentation on gender non-conformity and transgender children. He was also paid to train the teachers twice. His presentation to parents was full of slanted statistics on things like suicide rates gleaned from LGBT advocacy groups. It was clear from his talk that transgenderism is a very subjective diagnosis that is not backed by science. A mother of a transgender child who works with a local trans advocacy group also spoke during the presentation, giving a very sympathetic and emotional angle to the information offered. It smelled like propaganda and it was truly remarkable to see a top-performing school readily accept and promote the anti-scientific claims of gender ideology.

With wise advice from someone who was familiar with the gender activists, parents decided to write a petition opposing mixed sex bathrooms before it was even on the table as a policy proposal. Typically, we discovered, gender activists come into a school with an innocuous-seeming children’s book, or an anti-bullying program, and then cite the need to address gender-based bullying by writing a gender inclusion policy. The gender inclusion policies activists promote always include mixing the bathrooms and locker rooms, but that piece of information is often kept hush-hush until the frogs have thoroughly warmed up in the pot. Our petition opened parents’ eyes to the fact that mixed bathrooms were on the horizon. The petition received hundreds of signatures from parents in our (relatively small) school and it solidified and encouraged our community of parents who found themselves becoming more and more isolated.

While claiming to need confidentiality in every respect for their gender non-conforming son at school, the family still did an extended radio interview about their discovery of their son’s gender non-conformity. They also brought lawyers from a local trans advocacy group to school board meetings and gave numerous interviews to local news media. They were glowingly featured in every piece. The temptation to use their situation to achieve a celebrity status was obvious.

Students in the school were not immune to what was happening. Multiple kindergartners were pulled out of the school due to the confusion (and even trauma) they experienced from watching a boy “transform” into a girl. Five-year-old children know there are differences between boys and girls and this was beyond their ability to comprehend. Parents reported that their kindergartners were asking if they could grow up to become the opposite sex. The high school saw similar confusion. Two girls spoke out at a board meeting, claiming to be gender non-conforming. The GSA club focused its efforts exclusively on the transgender issue and papered the walls of the high school with signs stating that “Sex Does Not Equal Gender.” There was much discussion at lunch and on the playground of the transgender issue, even among the younger children. My fourth-grader chose not to talk about it all after he determined he was in disagreement with most of his friends. Parents started wearing bright purple buttons to school every day indicating their support of gender ideology. They were impossible to miss and prompted questions from many of the students.

By January it was clear that a different point of view would not be heard, so I joined with a group of mothers to plan an event that would give us all a voice. This is a public school that allows outside groups to rent its space, and we realized that they would have to rent it to us if we asked. So, rent it we did and crowdfunded the fees from supportive parents. We invited a local public policy lawyer to come in and speak to the legal, social and scientific claims of the transgender movement. Advertising the event drew the attention of our local LGBT activists and they (meaning every LGBT organization in our area) quickly organized a protest. We hired security guards and the local police called to offer their assistance for free in the form of a sergeant and three squads. Thankfully, they chose to protest silently by holding up signs and filling the hallway near the exits. Their involvement brought the media in, and parents in our group were prepared to speak to them, giving multiple interviews. As expected, the media largely painted us in a negative light, but we learned that even negative media attention can be helpful to get a message out. We also thought to have the event filmed professionally and uploaded it to YouTube so it could be shared across our state. We felt that we had successfully spread the word to other parents and schools in the state that gender ideology was coming their way.

Despite our efforts, the school ultimately decided to adopt a gender inclusion policy that mirrored the model policy that GLSEN promotes on its website. Students are now granted access to the school’s bathrooms, locker rooms and changing areas based on their “gender identity consistently asserted at school.” Students may also participate in overnight trips with accompanying arrangements of sleeping areas, based on their gender identity. The policy maintains that the school has an obligation to conceal a student’s transgender status from other students, parents and guardians to preserve privacy. Girls are no longer guaranteed a level playing field in sports participation, as boys are now allowed by this policy to play on girl’s teams without question. Students are also given the right to be addressed by a preferred name and pronoun and use of this name and pronoun is required of all members of the school community.

Amazingly, this policy wasn’t enough to satisfy the family of the transgender kindergartner. According to the family, by Februrary the transgender child had “expressed a consistent, persistent, and insistent desire to socially transition.” The parents gave notice to the school that their son would now present as a girl and met with administrators to determine how to unveil this transition to his classmates. The plan included a letter to kindergarten parents, a reading of the book, “I am Jazz”, and a communication directed at any parents who decided to opt their child out of this presentation. The plan was to go forward without express approval from any committee, the board or the community at large. In fact, the plan demanded that families not even be given advanced warning or be informed of their right to opt-out per State law.
The school had second thoughts and decided the next day not to implement the plan. The school’s reasoning: Families deserved the right to know if “gender education” would be shared with their children and families had the right to opt-out.

The family of the transgender child immediately pulled him out of the school and filed a discrimination charge against the school with our city’s Department of Human Rights. They alleged that the school “(a) failed to protect their child and other gender non-conforming and transgender students at Nova from persistent gender-based bullying and hostility, and (b) denied their child the ability to undergo a gender transition at Nova in a safe and timely way, as she had in all other areas of her life.” The complaint was filed with the assistance of Gender Justice, a local LGBT public interest law firm. It is also interesting to note that the transgender child’s father is a psychology PhD student at our State university and his “primary line of research focuses on the creation and implementation of gender inclusive policies and practices in K-12 public schools.” He has now started a non-profit organization to help public schools implement Gender Inclusion policies and practices.

The investigation of the school is ongoing and I watch for the results with great interest. This case could create a very serious precedent in gender discrimination law for our city, both in the public and private sphere.

With heavy heart, I too, pulled my children out of this school. This is the grade school that all of my children attended for the last thirteen years. We enrolled our oldest the first year the school was in operation and have made many decisions for our family based on our commitment to it. Our family is now struggling to pay private school tuition for seven children and will be doing so for the next 12 or more years. And we’re not the only family to walk away; many others have decided not to return for the upcoming school year. Applications to the school dropped precipitously for the first time in its history. The distrust runs deep and the school will be forever changed.

Of course, the entire US public school system is now facing the same gender ideology push we did last year. Obama’s transgender directive was delivered to every public school in the nation last May and ensures that this battle will play out many times over in the 2016-17 school year. Though I understand that our school was put in a difficult position and sympathize with that, ultimately I’m disappointed with their choices. Public schools have a duty to maintain a welcoming environment, which requires neutrality on some issues. An even more basic duty that was ignored by our school was to simple scientific facts and data. How ridiculous it was to hear our high school science teacher argue that biological sex is a subjective concept!

This experience has changed my life and I have committed myself to speaking out against gender ideology wherever I see it, but especially when it puts women, girls and students in danger. Going forward, I refuse to be intimidated and my resolve to speak the truth has only grown as the proponents of this lie act more and more boldly. I hope parents across this country will join me in defending our children against policies that subject them to harmful ideas and dangerous situations. Your child’s body and soul are at stake – Do not be afraid!


65 thoughts on “Gender Activism in Schools

  1. Gender non-conforming should not mean an inherent desire to switch sex. Nor should it be pathologised, pandered to or assumed to be permanent. This really smacks of adults attempting to reconstruct society to fit their minority interest, while abusing normal teenage angst to get there.Ideology of any sort should not drive educational policy.

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  2. What a crazy situation! All sorts of fuss just because a little boy wants to express his feminine side. They should just let him be who he is without turning the whole school upside-down.
    It’s disappointing that “LGBT” organizations are supporting this insanity. As an L from the acronym LGBT, this ideology is not what I want and I do not support it.
    Good luck to you Emily and thank you for speaking out.

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  3. Thanks for a great post, Emily. I agree with PSF that you describe a crazy situation, and the school should not have been made into a 3-ring circus. Gender ideology is not fact-based. It is a belief. You are right that this is coming to schools all across the USA and much of the world. Trans-activists tend to be very evangelical and active. Thanks for sharing a glimpse inside their playbook. The public fails to anticipate this, at their own peril.

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    1. lovetruthcourage, I felt that I was constantly two steps behind the gender activists at our school. They had been preparing for the onslaught that so many schools experienced last year for quite some time. And they have money! When we hosted the speaking event at our school, the activist groups stood outside the school handing out money for the protestors’ admission fees. We have to be just as organized and just as passionate to take this on.

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  4. Holy monkeys! What a horrible horrible thing. I feel sorry for, and I know this sounds weird, the school. It sounds like it was wrecked.

    Emily you told that was such beautiful clarity! Yes, let’s call them Gender Activists. And you’re absolutely right that they are promoting belief in brain sex. The high school science teacher claiming that sex is subjective makes me want to weep. But also makes me angry, why were these school people so wimpy? Could they not tell they were being swamped by professional activist groups that have this super detailed agenda? A thing where they’re telling you ‘know must BELIEVE this’ versus say, something with techniques to stop bullying.

    This whole post reads like some excellent expose TV movie. I would much rather watch that movie than know this stuff is still going on.

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  5. Emily, I don’t know if you’re continuing to be involved in activism about this. But there are transwomen who are opposed to all this gender ideology stuff. And I believe, to that whole child transition thing. One of them is named Miranda Yardley and she’s on Twitter. She’s in Britain.

    There are also women who started the process of transition and then stopped. Several of whom have written stunning, disturbing accounts of how they got drawn in to that including via social media. And in multiple cases where they came to understand that their motive for identifying with trans was psychological trauma. And what they actually needed was a psychologist who would deal with their emotional problems and not attribute it all to trans. Their stories will convince anyone that the child transition thing is A Problem. The ones I know about are the ones who have blogs, Maria Catt, and Cari at

    In a polarized situation like with your school community for the people who are opposing the gender ideology fanaticism to have formerly trans and actual trans adults on your side I think would make a huge impression on any undecideds. Kind of undercuts the idea that the people who don’t want gender ideology are just bigots.

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    1. petuniacat00, I am continuing to be involved in activism against this. The injustice and the lies have lit a fire in me, especially when childre are being hurt. I think our best weapons are the voices of women who have been hurt by all of this. If we keep speaking out on social media, at school meetings, at public events and anywhere else we can, we’ll be chipping away at the fantasy world of trans ideology. I did watch Cari’s YouTube video and I see her as an incredibly powerful influence. Her perspective is unparalleled and hard to argue with. If more and more de-transitioned men and women are willing to come forward, it will be hard to deny that it’s rare. I really hope to bring all of these perspectives together to create a resistance movement to the trans-genda that is fierce!

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    2. JFC. “Miranda” Yardley is not a SHE, and no more to be sourced for a women’s rights issue than any other man.

      Never mind getting some man to speak for you. Teach them the meaning of the word MOTHER.

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      1. Miranda does not claim to be a woman. I believe that she does play a vital part in this conversation and I am very grateful for her voice. There ARE people who will be happiest living as the other sex. I don’t think we understand well why this is, or how to identify these folks, but we lose a lot if we exclude the voices of gender critical trans people like Miranda. If we are going to figure out the most responsible, ethical, compassionate way to address gender dysphoria, we need to take into account the small minority of people who may need to transition. We need the voices of Miranda and others like her to understand this perspective.(My understanding is that Miranda isn’t picky about pronouns. I am using “she” to be respectful.)


  6. Good for you, Emily, for advocating for transparency and discussion here. What a horrible experience for you and your children. I’m glad you pulled your children from that school, although I understand this will not be the best choice for every family. Decreased enrollment is the one thing school administrators will listen to.

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    1. Thanks, hearthrising, for your kind comments. You are right that not all families are able to pull their kids out of the school. That’s one of the reasons I am so intent on fighting this. Public schools should be a place for all of our children. A funny story: when our school’s enrollment director was giving a public report on the large number of midyear transfers out of the school, the board chair actually cut her off midsentence to prevent the report from being heard. It was so awkward as the enrollment director had to just walk away without finishing. Facts are gender ideology’s greatest enemy.

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      1. Well said, “facts are gender idealogy’s greatest enemy”!

        I’m sorry to hear about this nightmare that you have experienced. Keep up the fight!

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  7. Thank you Emily, for speaking out and exposing the damage that is being caused by these activists. Their selfish, money driven agenda is ruining our kids and their futures.
    I too am so sorry for everything you’ve had to deal with. I’m afraid it’s a nightmare that will be playing out in many schools before it’s over. I just hope for an end to the madness.

    Thank you for fighting for all of our kids!

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  8. Thank you for writing this comprehensive description! It is truly hard to believe that this is something that parents and schools have to soend time and resources on – my heart breaks for the children of today who are being poisoned in this manner by the very people who should be protecting them and teaching them the truth.

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  9. Emily, thank you for your post. I am a lesbian who never conformed to gender norms and stereotypes. I had my peers trying to get me think that I must have been a boy inside, and I may have fallen for this idiocy, if it hasn’t been for my family, who always accepted my non conforming, rather than policing it. It’s very important to have parents like you to see past this ideology, an entire generation of gays and lesbians are being talked into becoming desperate individuals without anyone pushing back.

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      1. Thanks for posting! The critique I hear most often as I write and speak about childhood transition is that I am homophobic. It is so frustrating to try to educate liberals who haven’t thought much about this issue about how childhood transition is itself very homophobic — or at least can be. I think the voices of lesbians and gays on this issue matters a great deal. I appreciate your posting here and I hope you will come back often and keep sharing.

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      2. I will definitely come back. This is very sensitive topic to me. It’s grotesque that any voice of dissent is branded as transphobic, when they’re essentially promoting homophobia and pushing for mutilating gays and lesbians.

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    1. infectedbloodcomics, Thank you for your thoughtful and personal comment. This encouraging of gender stereotypes is what blows my mind. The gender activists seem to think they can destroy them by adhering to them. When I was a child, the prevailing idea was that kids of both sexes should be able to play as they want – free to be you and me. That made my childhood as a tomboy such fun, allowing me to play stereotypically boy games without a thought, and most importantly, without my parents and teachers deciding my behavior was an indication that I was really a boy. My wish is that kids can have their childhoods back and be allowed to thrive without such dire intervention.

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      1. My same, identical experience. I’m really glad more and more of us are speaking up. May I feature your blog in my September newsletter? You can check my profile and look up my August newsletter to see what you can expect (sorry, hard to find the link on my phone and on the fly).

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      2. I am only a guest poster on this blog, and I am replying to the comments as they come. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my story here!

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      3. Yes! I meant to ask the owner of the blog, actually, and then I made a mess 🙂 Let’s try again!

        Dear folks from youthtranscriticalprofessional, may I promote your blog in my September newsletter?


      4. Look to the media. We determine how to live , work, marry, parent, play so much through that prism. Self determination seems to have been abandoned for an off the shelf lifestyle. Shocking however that medical interventions to change gender have become a life style choice. Something Frankinese about it.

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      1. That is an interesting question and hopefully Emily will answer herself. I will say that gay and lesbian activists haven’t asked for other people’s reality to be reconstructed around their needs and — most importantly as far as I am concerned — they are not asking for or pushing body altering treatment for minors. If LGB activists came to my kid’s hs and wanted tolerance and inclusion to be taught, that’s all good.

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      2. Just so you know, bobsf94117, I played a pivotal role at the school in writing a speech policy that reinforced students’ First Amendment rights. That means ALL students’ rights.

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  10. A great lucid account Emily. Well done to you and the other parents who organised against the imposition of this ideology. It’s difficult to do when so many people believe it’s progressive to support trans ideology. My workplace has just introduced ‘gender neutral’ toilets without any consultation. I am a 51 year old menopausal woman now expected to share facilities with male colleagues (and visitors). There’s me and one other woman who are trying to challenge it… And I know there will be a ton of abuse from transactivists if it becomes known. Who thought this is the kind of battle women would have to fight in the 21st century.?

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    1. How good it is to hear about women in so many different venues fighting this issue. We only stand to strengthen our voice when we include a diverse representation of the women that are affected. Julie, I am guessing that you will find more women to help you than expected. Best of luck to you!

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  11. I just read this on Reuters: U.S. judge grants nationwide injunction to halt Obama transgender policy.

    However, it is also stated that, “The injunction does not prevent parents of transgender students from suing school districts for discrimination, nor does it prevent districts from offering bathroom access policies that run according to the guidelines, those group said.”

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  12. I read about your school on another site. I’m not sure if you’d want it linked here. The hyperbolic language that they used–calling gender critical people bigots–made me never want to support them again, even though I’ve been told that they have good coverage on topics like climate change. I’m glad to hear your account. Thank you for fighting this thankless battle.

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    1. Gerbby, that was the article in ThinkProgress, right? It was ridiculous to read – like someone doing a spoof of the worst year of your life. So many lies. I congratulated the parents who fought against the trans activism after that article came out, telling them that we must have done something right to make them so angry!

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  13. Emily- would you please to tell us the name of the LGBT orgs that got involved. It is actually really important to examine their role in this. A lot of LGB people like myself are very unhappy with our activists orgs and they need to start hearing from us.

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    1. The local organizations that got involved were OutFront, Gender Justice and Transforming Families in MN. Thanks for speaking up as a member of the LGBT community! I sure wish I would’ve found you last year!

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      1. Most LGB people have no idea what is going on. Some participate, others are apathetic, but many are literally enraged because a lot of gender nonconforming youth are gay. They also don’t want programs that scare the hell out of parents being implimented in the name of LGB because hormones and sex reassignment surgery have nothing to do with us. I have a website and wrote about possible risks of transing youth to young LGB people ICYI. – I will be contacting those orgs.

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      1. JFK (Sapphic), I can’t thank you enough for contacting the LGBT organizations involved. You have capital that I don’t have in speaking out on this issue. At our school, the LGB parents were fiercely supportive of the trans activists. I really wish I had found this blog earlier!

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    2. The LGBT orgs sure do need to hear from LGB people not on board with the T using them as cover to roll back women’s rights 100 yrs. Right now, all criticism is automatically assumed to come from the religious right.

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      1. Yes! Let’s bring an end to the assumption that the only people opposed to this are on the right! I am thrilled that WOLF is suing the feds over the bathroom mandate.

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  14. It’s so frustrating and depressing to read stories like these. I can’t understand how these sea changes took place seemingly overnight, and now anyone who dares suggest, e.g., most kids eventually grow out of dysphoria, gender is a social construct instead of an innate identity, biological sex is reality and not mere suggestion, or children’s brains are notoriously underdeveloped, is shouted down as a hateful bigot causing supposed trans youth to kill themselves.

    Do all these school officials truly believe only bigots are uncomfortable using the same locker room or bathroom as members of the opposite sex? They don’t think anyone could be genuinely modest, old-fashioned, abuse survivors, just plain uncomfortable? Barely any girls in my junior high and three high schools got completely nude in the locker room, but instead changed in the bathroom stalls by carefully maneuvering our clothes on and off simultaneously, or changing under a towel. Had a boy been there, we would’ve been even more uncomfortable at publicly undressing. I also spent much of my junior year of high school eating lunch in various bathrooms (long story!), and while I was always nervous about getting caught and sent to the cafeteria where no one ever offered to sit with me and I’d been kicked out of a table on the first day, I at least knew it was a relative safe space. I knew there wouldn’t be any boys there.

    It’s amazing how many otherwise intelligent, science-minded, skeptical folks I know who have unquestioningly hopped aboard this gender-feels trainwreck.

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    1. I think it started on social media. We now have the ability to only interact with people who agree with us. A lot of young people exist in enclaves that are highly passionate about trans rights, and they are the ones leading the charge. More people are going with the flow of liberal social norms, and could possibly be convinced to be more skeptical if they were exposed to the right information. But for the die-hards that spend all their free time reblogging “trans women are women. period.” on tumblr, they will reject any evidence that doesn’t conform to their point of view. Being a trans ally is part of their identity, and they will defend against anything that invalidates their view of themselves.

      I watched a video of Anne Arundel County Public Schools’ staff training on gender identity, and I got the impression that the officials didn’t fully believe it in their hearts, but they are legally obligated in their state to make these accommodations. I feel really bad for educators in this situation because their choices are: A) convince yourself of an ideology that may lead to harmful unnecessary medical procedures, or B) suffer from cognitive dissonance every moment of the school day. I guess there is option C, lose your job.

      Also, hi Carrie. I see your comments on a lot of the blogs I read, but I’m more of a lurker. I think we’re in the same demographic group, being childless women in liberal social circles who are concerned with this issue.

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    2. Carrie-Anne, this is superb! Yes, so now “old-fashionedness” (signed me up for that!) is going to be considered bigotry. This isn’t just bad on the trans front, it’s bad with regards to fighting bigotry. It’s going to open the door to racist bigots claiming their bigotry is really just a difference of opinion. “You know, like in trans”, they’ll say. 😞

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  15. Imagine working as a therapist, where all of your colleagues are rebranding themselves as trans-friendly, etc. There is zero tolerance for any opposing view point. So the psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers who are concerned about this issue choose to remain silent – there’s too much at stake (drop in salary, referrals, etc).

    So the public will continue to hear from only a select group of therapists, without any dissenting viewpoint. A tragedy all around.

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    1. It’s also a matter of not knowing anything professionally about Gender Dysphoria and not knowing where to get training. You really aren’t supposed to practice in an area where you don’t have expertise, much less hold yourself out as an expert, yet the only place to go for formal training is to the Transition Team. And there don’t seem to be any real studies going on about treatment besides transition that have been published, while those advocating transition are so flawed they don’t have useful information. I was talking the other day to a therapist who knows enough not to go to any “LGBT” trainings sponsored by her professional organization for information, but still does not feel competent to treat anyone with this condition, let alone speak out. Team Transition has a lockdown on transmission of information through formal channels.

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  16. I would be interested to know the breakdown of girls wishing to use boys bathrooms compared to boys wishing to use girls bathrooms. In schools bathrooms are hostile places for a number of children and many choose to avoid them particularly at recess. I wonder how much motivation might be in sensitive possibly gay boys seeing safety from what might be a hostile environment. Toilets are often the only places bullying can exist unseen by adults, in schools.

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