Parents from Australia Here?

Are there any readers of this blog who are Australian parents struggling with a child’s transgender self-diagnosis? If so, please contact this blog via the contact form. You can absolutely remain anonymous.

Thank you

2 thoughts on “Parents from Australia Here?

  1. I am looking for a skeptical psychiatrist for my self-diagnosed teen daughter in the Boca Raton, Fl area. PLEASE…. I am desperate to help her!!!! I am also willing to drive out of the area….


  2. Very far from you in the Uk but be cautious. No counsellor is better than a bad one. Many out of misplaced sympathy will affirm her ‘reality’ and she may bond with them at a time when your relationship is fracturing. My advice would be swallow hard, treat it as fashion, encourage discretion on her part and speak to anyone counselling her directly before she sees them. Many counsellors are ill equipped and fearful of not being PC about this.


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