From a Concerned GP

GPs are concerned by the increased demands on us to prescribe potential dangerous lifelong hormonal treatment and advice on disfiguring surgical procedures to our otherwise healthy patients who chose to identify in increasing numbers as “trans” patients. It is deeply disturbing that the trans activist community seems to be manipulating the NHS into providing these harmful treatments, and stating that these are “life-saving” approaches, without questioning the issue of gender as a socially constructed system or the gleeful involvement of drug companies and unscrupulous surgeons willing to do this disfiguring surgery.
As a doctor, this possibly homophobic , misogynistic and conservative approach to gender identity is deeply disturbing. Young, possibly gay children, or children who show any degree of deviation from societal norms of gender behavior, or who have any commonly found body dysmorphic ideas are being encouraged to transition rather than being allowed explore other ways of being with who they are or of playing with natural fantasies prevalent at that age. This is deeply disturbing and contrary to the principle of “first do no harm”

6 thoughts on “From a Concerned GP

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this matter. As a parent with an adult child that is actively transitioning (daughter started transitioning to male while in college thanks to the help of “Health Services” there), I have become very critical and distrusting of the medical community. I wish more physicians would and could speak out against this atrocity that is happening to our youth.

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    1. Not sure what you mean. “male pregnancy and female impregnation” are biological impossibilities. Congress can neither allow nor disallow. What adult people, including people who are deluded that they are really the opposite sex, do with their own lives is their own business.The problem arises when their fictional pronoun-reality starts to override the lived experience of women to the point of erasure of the words we have always used to describe them and ourselves. Congress has no business telling women, even benighted ones, whether or not they can procreate. And yes it would be nice if education educated and children were told that only women can have kids and that men can’t get pregnant.

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  2. Nothing would compel young people to find an alternative vehicle for their angst than a few well argued documentaries exposing the grooming behind it. Similiar approaches of undercover journalism exposed child grooming on the net and more recently cyber crime. When teenagers suspect they are being duped they self regulate very quickly and indignantly.


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