Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria Research Study: Recruiting Parents to Fill Out Survey

Below is a description and link to a research survey intended to collect information about rapid onset of gender confusion/dysphoria and social media use in teens and young adults. Sudden onset of gender dysphoric feelings in the teen years is an unusual presentation, and this researcher is looking to learn more about it. If your child or young person began experiencing gender dysphoria between the ages of 10 and 21, please consider filling out the survey. Also, please feel free to share the information below with the survey link with others you know or on social media. Thank you.

Please note: YTCP has collaborated with 4thwavenow.com and transgendertrend.com to disseminate this survey. This same material will be posted on all three sites.

Rapid onset gender dysphoria, social media, and peer groups

GCO# 16-1211-00001-01-PD
We have heard from many parents describing that their child had a rapid onset of gender dysphoria in the context of increasing social media use and/or being part of a peer group in which one or multiple friends has developed gender dysphoria and come out as transgender during a similar time frame. Several parents have described situations where entire friend groups became gender dysphoric. This type of presentation is atypical and has not been studied to date.  We feel that this phenomenon needs to be described and studied scientifically.
If your child has had sudden or rapid development of gender dysphoria beginning between the ages of 10 and 21, please consider completing the following online survey. If you have more than one child with gender dysphoria who fits the above description, please complete one survey per child.
This survey is completely anonymous and confidential and conducted through Survey monkey, an independent third- party. There is no way to connect your name with your responses. We do not track email or IP addresses. The survey should take 30-60 minutes. Participation in this research study is voluntary, and you may refuse or quit at any time before completing the survey.
If you know of any individuals with a similar experience who might be eligible for this survey, or any communities where there might be eligible parents, please copy and paste this recruitment notice and survey link to share.

16 thoughts on “Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria Research Study: Recruiting Parents to Fill Out Survey

  1. I think my daughter now believes she is a gay male. She just asked us if she can go out on a date w a gay boy. I feel like I am stuck in an SNL skit…do I laugh or cry??? Has anyone experienced this with their teen daughter who says she is trans?

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    1. Oh, this sounds all too familiar. I understand your SNL comment completely. It would be funny if it wasn’t horrifying. Our 10-year-old, who has spent the last year hypnotized by the sudden-onset-transgender cult thing, had a similar conversation with my husband recently. “Actually, I think I might be attracted to boys! Huh! Maybe I’m.. gay!?” He managed to stop himself from shouting ‘”NO, IT PROBABLY JUST MEANS YOU ARE A HETEROSEXUAL GIRL!”


  2. my daughter suffered bullying, (also during puberty/developmemt)which worsened social anxiety. She became socially isolated, lonely & fell in with (genderfluid) Emo crowd.. shortly after said she was gay, then pansexual, then transgender.. all within 2 months at age 14yr. During this time she was cutting, depressed. For 1 yr counselor focused on gender dysphoria rather then underlying issues. I allowed her to present as male, but now almost 2 yrs later (and a better therapist) I realize this is allowing her to live in fantasy, rather then deal with underlying issues. unfortunately she has convinced herself, her father (my ex), siblings, friends & their parents that she is. With me taking a firm stance against presenting as transgender.. I am the evil one. I feel like I’m fighting the world.. but it must be done! For 5 months this past year she frequently dressed as female (asked for & got hair extensions, jewlery, etc. (took lots of selfies) & seemed to enjoy it.. but a friend questioned her & she told them she was doing it to make me happy (not true at all) so they convinced her to fight against me. Now she has gone back to presenting as male. Feeling hopeless, but determined!

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    1. this sounds almost word-for-word the story of our 15 yo child (who was born female, now suddenly identifying as trans after immersion in Emo world, cutting, now has been hospitalized with suicidal ideation: i feel she/they is reading a script and following it along, but I dare not suggest that they are being possibly influenced by social media/peers.

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      1. I understand your point, but my 12-year-old brother (Who was born female) was depressed and attempted suicide, but he doesn’t even have a mobile phone with the internet (He has one of them Alcatel’s) and he only uses mum’s password locked computer under her supervision, for homework and the like. So that is genuinely how some people feel. It’s not all influenced by the media.


  3. I can certainly relate to you, Determined mom. My 14-year-old is now convinced that she has a male brain in a female body. Even though she never expressed any gender nonconforming behavior before she was 13, she is convinced that the brain sex theory is the only thing that explains her discomfort in her body. And just this week, her psychiatrist reinforced this belief that she has a male brain. I am now frantically seeking a psychiatrist who can offer a more balanced perspective and who would be willing to explore some of the reasons she feels she is transgender. I’m in the northern Virginia area. Does anyone know of a psychiatrist (and perhaps a therapist as well) who is not steeped in transgender ideology?

    By the way, Determined mom, I too have become the evil one–or at least the deluded one. In my daughter’s mind, I’m the only one in her life right now who doesn’t get it.

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    1. I’m so sorry your daughter has been pulled into the Trans Cult too. Its like a horrow movie in slow motion, except its real!
      I’m in GA so don’t have names in VA, but I emailed dozens of therapists until I found one that was open minded but didn’t drink the koolaid. I think its important to also be in the session together atleast for a bit, to help your relationship & keep honesty in-check. I just joined twitter & am finding alot of support & other parents. #ParentsUnitedAgainstTransgenderCult
      Hang in there!

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  4. @Lorenzo’s oil: I would think porn’s depiction of sex would be very scary to young girls. Im 55. I never had to contend with the cartoonish, kinky, violent images girls now see on line, and perhaps consider ‘normal’ male/female sex. I imagine some girls would rather be ‘trans’ and stick with girls, than rush into that Porn-depicted sexual landscape…


  5. I don’t mean to make light of the situation, because as a teacher of youth professionals I see this destructive silliness happening all around. However, I also remember reading The Crucible in High School. At the time, teachers related it to the way we all reacted when a junior student died at a rock concert (he had a congenital heart condition). Hysteria was contagious, possibly fuelled by raging hormones. Even boys were wailing and crying (these were students who barely knew the boy concerned).

    My own view is that schools should broach real issues of youth subcultures, peer pressure and ‘mass hysteria’ (recognising the contested nature of that) with students, possibly alluding to the trans cult / craze. The Crucible may be a good way in!


  6. I am new to this topic but need to reach out and ask for help/advice particularly on this thread. My 20 (almost 21) year old dyspraxic son announced over Christmas that he is trans. He has asked me to call him by his new preferred name and use the pronoun “she” or “they”. This has come as a huge shock as he has never shown any inclination in this way until he met up with some individuals both at university and via online forums. I do not know how to respond to this revelation and recently watched the BBC Transgender Kids programme – subsequently have done significant surfing and found this whole topic to be full of contradictions and terrifying narratives from both sides of the continuum. I am now even more confused as I know the child I gave birth to is very gullible, vulnerable and easily manipulated – what should I do? He has tried to get counselling for pre-existing anxiety and associated mental health issues but the university waiting list is ridiculously long (unless you are actually self-harming) – I think he found “acceptance” and “understanding” within the groups who seem to have some sort of agenda i.e. they advised him to go straight away into full on transitioning using hormone drugs from the internet – he has stated quite categorically that he does not wish to transition in this way but has admitted that he once wore a dress as part of a cosplay event. He seems to have been taught what to say to the GP and has somehow managed to get referred to a GIC – I am beside myself with worry


    1. I am sorry to hear that your son has gotten caught up in this madness too. Two years ago my then 13-year-old daughter told us she believed she was trans. Now, after untold hours of “research” on Tumblr and YouTube, she has decided she is in fact. But I am beginning to see some hope that she is backing away. I think the best approach is to let our kids know that we’re skeptical but also to let them know we love them no matter what. I try not to challenge my daughter now. Although I don’t call her “he” as she would like, I also try to avoid calling her “she” in her presence. I hope that this helps. You are certainly not alone in this. It’s a terribly difficult situation for both kids and parents.


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